Altaviana Professional Training Centre

Altaviana Professional Training Centre is located on the ground and first floors of a seventeen-storey residential building. Although most of the…

Centro de Formación Profesional Altaviana. Calle Cronista Almela y Vives 5, Valencia. España
Educational building
Project year
4 months
Built-up area
2.150,8 m²
Usable area
1.996,8 m²
CFP de hostelería Altaviana;
Juan Pablo Mas
Collaborating architects
María Ibáñez, Héctor Fernández
Project management
Mas Millet Arquitectos
E.L.O. Construcciones
Alfonso Calza

Altaviana Professional Training Centre is located on the ground and first floors of a seventeen-storey residential building. Although most of the centre’s activity takes place on the first floor, where almost all of the teaching areas are situated, it also has two independent areas on the ground floor, each linked to the street: the main entrance is located in the first of these areas, while the second houses the catering workshop. Both are linked to the first floor by stairs.

The main purpose of our intervention was to adapt the centre to comply with current accessibility, acoustics and fire safety regulations, as well as to create two new 60 m2 classrooms.

It was also a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into the centre with a more contemporary, standardised theme based on a carefully considered design. Examples of this new image include the linear strips of LED lighting in the circulation areas, the chromatic unification of the doors, the decorative panels placed in the corridors and the choice of paint for the walls. The colour scheme used inside the building is extended to the façade where the main entrance is located and applied to the sign for the centre and several elements painted onto the stone cladding.

Our project included the installation of two lifts, one on each of the lower floors, and a reworked layout on the southern half of the first floor. As well as creating the two new classrooms requested, we also reorganised the centre by grouping the classroom area on one side and the office area (with offices for tutors, secretaries, administrators and directors) on the other. The staircase leading from the catering workshop to the first floor was adapted to comply with accessibility regulations, as were the customer service desk in the entrance, the cloakrooms, some of the bathrooms and all of the doors to the classrooms and offices.

In order to comply with acoustics regulations, all of the windows overlooking the street were replaced with double glazed aluminium windows, all party walls were clad with plasterboard and rock wool insulation, and the false ceilings in the classrooms and offices were insulated with soundproofing panels from the Rocfon Blanka range by Rockwool.


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