Apartment in Avenida de Aragón

Our client asked us to draw up a proposal to fully renovate the apartment. The aim was to refurbish the…

Mestalla, Valencia. Spain
Project year
4 months
Built-up area
98 m²
Usable area
92 m2
Juan Pablo Mas
Collaborating architects
José María Valdés
Project management
Mas Millet Architects
Mon Zamora

Our client asked us to draw up a proposal to fully renovate the apartment. The aim was to refurbish the facilities and improve the layout to create more spacious, better connected rooms. We were also asked to increase the amount of storage available, while maintaining a minimalist interior design.

The overall aesthetic in the renovation was achieved by using two main finishes: white lacquer, which minimises the visual impact of the elements to which it is applied, and wood, a warm, homely material which is an elegant addition to any home. The impact of these materials is particularly apparent in the entrance hall, where a sliding door designed as a white lattice with differing gaps on each side provides a pleasant contrast to the dark tone of the wooden doors opening onto the living room.

The kitchen is particularly relevant in the overall design of the apartment. It was informed by a quest for aesthetic simplicity and practical functionality. The arrangement of the cupboards and the combination of different finishes on the cupboard doors and work surfaces come together to create a pleasant, comfortable environment. The storage alcove between the work bench and the upper cabinet is a particularly useful feature. It is well-integrated into the overall space, with a blind to open and close it, preventing it from encumbering the work surface.

The indirect lighting around the apartment, which is subtly concealed in gaps in the carpentry or in the ceiling mouldings or cavities, envelops the house in a cosy warmth perfect for relaxation.


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