Apartment in Cirilo Amorós

In this apartment, our aim was to offer the client a reworked layout with spacious, well-proportioned rooms connected to one…

Pla del Remei, Valencia. Spain
Residential. Apartment in shared block
Project year
4 months
Built-up area
228 m²
Usable area
198 m²
Juan Pablo Mas
Collaborating architects
Ricardo Gómez-Lechón
Project management
Mas Millet Architects
Interior design
Carmen María Mas y Ricardo Gómez-Lechón
Mon Zamora y Ricardo Gómez-Lechón

In this apartment, our aim was to offer the client a reworked layout with spacious, well-proportioned rooms connected to one another.

An important first step was to remove the original, thirteen-metre long corridor. This helped to dilute an excessively longitudinal floor plan and create two separate areas: the day area, with a foyer, living and dining room, kitchen and guest bathroom, and the night area, containing the bedrooms, a more intimate living room, a bathroom and the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom and walk-in closet.

The apartment is exposed to two powerful sources of incoming natural light, one from the main façade and another from the back façade on the opposite end which opens out onto a large courtyard between apartment blocks. It was important to make the most of this feature. We tried to ensure that these two sources of light filled the entire apartment, balancing the relative darkness of the interior courtyard.

The layout of the various rooms, as well as some of the carpentry, was designed in response to this objective. The entrance hall, for example, opens directly onto the main living room and receives the light entering through the large windows, subtly filtered by a sliding lattice with horizontal slats. The foyer area also serves to channel light to the kitchen, located next to it, via a translucent, sliding glass wall which separates the two spaces. In this way, the kitchen is transformed into the heart of the apartment, forming a large, bright space offering easy access from the adjacent rooms. Continuing to play with the natural light, we established several separate areas towards the back of the apartment using lightweight partition walls. One such example was the master bathroom, where different glass finishes (lacquered or transparent) were used to suit the degree of privacy required. The lighting in the living room employed the same design as in the foyer.

The overall feel of the apartment is one of grandeur, elegance and warmth. Custom-designed carpentry elements in the study made from smoked oak wood dyed the colour of wenge help to create this sensation, as does indirect lighting carefully positioned beneath the false ceilings.


    The sliding doors designed as a lightweight partition wall help to create a space understood as a seamless, open whole, ideal for comfortable family living.