Apartment in Pla del Real

With a strong youthful aesthetic, this apartment is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice design just because you’re on…

Pla del Real, Valencia. Spain
Residential. Apartment in shared block
Project year
4 months
Built-up area
107 m²
Usable area
96 m²
Juan Pablo Mas
Collaborating architects
María Asunción Ibáñez, Bernardo Ramírez
Project management
Mas Millet Architects
Santiago Vicente

With a strong youthful aesthetic, this apartment is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice design just because you’re on a tight budget.

The focus of the renovation was on reversing the layout of the spaces. In its original condition, the apartment featured a classical layout with a long corridor and living room at one end. Our intervention relocated the day area – the living room and kitchen – to the entrance, redesigning it as an open space.

The new layout was also beneficial from a climatic perspective, as it connected the north and south façades after the wall separating them was removed. This allows the residents to enjoy cross ventilation, regulating temperatures in both summer and winter.

The furniture includes several custom-designed pieces. One is the cupboard at the entrance, which performs a twofold function: it acts both as a partition wall separating the more intimate kitchen area from the larger space and as an ideal storage solution. Another item of furniture which was designed exclusively for this project was the television unit, which features a system of rotating parts which allow the upper tray to be positioned as required. The white lattice at the entrance is another example. A series of small slats extend from floor to ceiling and subtly enclose the living room without losing connection, light or spaciousness.

The day area in the apartment is rather versatile: a single space can be transformed into four different ambiences. Thanks to the rotating unit mentioned above and an extendable table located in the centre of the room, the space can be adapted into a study area, dining room or living room. All you have to do is turn the tray on the unit or extend the centre table to instantly change the way you enjoy the space.

The apartment as a whole is characterised by brightness, achieved by enlarging the spaces, and optimisation of space in terms of the number of bedrooms and storage areas.


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