Apartment in Plaza América

It was quite a challenge to carry out this renovation in the knowledge that our client had placed their complete…

Pla del Remei, Valencia. España
Residential. Apartment in shared block
Project year
4 months
Built-up area
242,23 m²
Usable area
211,61 m²
Juan Pablo Mas
Interior design
Carmen María Mas, Macarena Cárdenas, Blanca Justamante
Project management
Mas Millet Architects
Alfonso Calza

It was quite a challenge to carry out this renovation in the knowledge that our client had placed their complete trust in us, as with great trust comes great responsibility. Nonetheless, it was the perfect opportunity for our studio to prove that we could meet the owners’ expectations by putting our expertise to work.

The challenge in this project was multifaceted: our goal was to showcase the views of Turia Gardens and the natural light and to design an elegant contemporary house to a very high standard, while ensuring that it would also be a cosy family home.

With these aims in mind, our designs for the renovation harnessed the natural light pouring in from both the façade overlooking Turia Gardens and from the interior courtyard. We opted to position the main day areas – the living and dining room and the kitchen – between the two façades.

Connected by sliding lattices made from wood and glass which filter the light, these spaces lend breadth and depth to the apartment.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are situated around the periphery of the apartment and are practically connected to the day area due to the absence of corridors. In this way, we were able to achieve excellent fluidity between the different spaces.

To instil elegance into the apartment, many of the elements added were exclusively designed: doors, lattices, panelling, bathrooms, furniture, and more.

A number of noble materials were used, such as walnut wood, different types of marble, gold leaf and natural paper silk fabric, accompanied by a carefully selected collection of furniture, rugs, paintings and sculptures. The result is a balanced, harmonious living space, displaying good taste without ostentation.

What’s more, the apartment has a very special feature: the meticulously chosen artworks are in perfect symphony with the architecture. One of our studio’s specialities is to advise clients on the choice of artworks, and the owner of the apartment entrusted the selection of paintings and sculptures to us.

Finally, lighting plays a central role in the renovation and has been carefully designed to create a cosy atmosphere while showcasing paintings, sculptures and items of antique furniture via the use of indirect spotlighting.

There can be no doubt that we successfully transformed this renovation project into a home, working hand-in-hand with the owners throughout the process.


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