Apartment in Quatre Carreres

Located in one of the brightest parts of Valencia with views of the coast and port, the apartment benefits from…

Quatre Carreres, Valencia. España
Residential. Apartment in shared block
Project year
6 months
Built-up area
98 m²
Usable area
89 m²
Juan Pablo Mas
Collaborating architects
Rafael Pérez
Project management
Mas Millet Architects
Interior design
Carmen María Mas
Alfonso Calza

Located in one of the brightest parts of Valencia with views of the coast and port, the apartment benefits from a spectacular setting. We decided that it would be necessary to completely transform the space, which was excessively compartmentalised by the small bedrooms which fragmented the apartment.

By connecting the rooms in the style of a loft, we aimed to create an open space which would be visible as soon as you enter the apartment. To achieve this, we removed the original entrance hall and the partition walls enclosing the kitchen and a small bedroom next to the master bedroom. In doing so, the centre of the house became a spacious, well-connected area in which the living room, dining room and kitchen were perfectly integrated, creating a warm feel ideal for comfortable, relaxed family living. We also opted for a completely open kitchen which would serve as an area for socialising in line with the current trend of living “around the fire”.

Hidden behind curtains, the balcony appeared as little more than an afterthought in its original state. We decided to incorporate it into the apartment conceptually rather than architecturally, using elements such as flooring and veneers to extend the apartment outdoors and create a pleasant terrace. At the opposite end of the apartment facing the terrace is a cosy study, framed by a light-coloured wooden panel, with spectacular views of Valencia’s port.

The materials used throughout the apartment follow a uniform industrial theme in terms of their finishes, textures and colours. We combined the medium-tone wood of the floor with the white and grey stone of the walls and the simple metal structures of a number of carpentry elements.

As for the furniture, all of the carpentry in the apartment (shelving and cupboards) was designed exclusively by Mas Millet Architects, along with other lighter elements such as the dining table and side table in the living room. The latter was designed as a small sculptural piece with three levels at different heights, with glass surfaces and a metal structure with a black finish.