López-Amo Notary public

The starting point for our renovation was an open-plan business premises with a complex triangular floor plan, in which the…

Avenida Peris y Valero 169, Valencia. Spain
Project year
3 months
Built-up area
220,50 m²
Usable area
182,80 m²
Juan Pablo Mas
Collaborating architects
Ricardo Gómez-Lechón
Project management
Mas Millet Architects
Interior design
Carmen María Mas y Ricardo Gómez-Lechón
Santiago Vicente

The starting point for our renovation was an open-plan business premises with a complex triangular floor plan, in which the different areas necessary to allow the company to operate had to first be defined.

Aware that traffic flow in an office has a significant impact on performance and efficiency, we paid particular attention to the circulation between the different rooms when designing the layout of the space. This produced excellent results, and employees are now able to move much more quickly and conveniently from the reception area to the various signing rooms or from one office to another. The notary’s office is positioned in such a way that it can be easily accessed from the adjacent rooms in a relatively independent manner.

Like any office space, it was particularly important to maximise natural light. To achieve this, we enlarged the windows on the façade and used transparent glass for many of the internal partition walls. The rear courtyard, located at the northern tip of the building, was also useful to light the premises. The courtyard was initially covered in asbestos and served as a storeroom, bathroom and waste area. We decided to change its function completely, transforming it into a focal point opening onto a large signing room with a powerful source of natural light and a pleasant sitting area decorated with plants to create a fresher feel.

The wooden carpentry was custom-designed exclusively for our client, adding warmth and personality to the space. The lattice positioned in the centre is particularly striking. It was designed as an almost structural partition wall and performs a threefold function: it demarcates the space, subtly screens the corridor leading to the offices and bathrooms, and provides storage space for work supplies on the shelving at the back.

The colours and textures used on the walls, floors and ceilings, as well as a selection of sober, elegant furniture, help to create the serene, simple atmosphere which we considered appropriate for a notary’s office.