We are an architecture and interior design studio with more than 20 years’ experience based in Valencia (Spain).

We carry out projects for detached houses and apartments, service buildings, educational establishments, commercial premises and offices, as well as restoration, development, temporary architecture and more. We renovate homes, businesses and offices, installing furniture and graphic elements to suit the chosen aesthetic.

Our studio also offers complete project management, from the initial design phase through to the execution: we coordinate all of the necessary components to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

We maintain excellent relationships with professionals and suppliers in the sector, allowing us to offer our clients a wide range of innovative products and services ranging from furniture to construction and design.

Our work process is underpinned by a quest for two main objectives and we aim to achieve these in every project regardless of its scale: quality design and originality. We work closely with our clients throughout the process, as we seek to optimise the use of space and improve functionality within a cutting-edge aesthetic concept.

Juan Pablo Mas Architect | Director
Carmen María Mas Interior designer | Director
Jose María Valdés Architect | Architecture Dpt.
Ricardo Gomez-Lechón Architect | Architecture Dpt.
María Asunción Ibáñez Architect | Architecture Dpt.
Héctor Fernández Architect | Architecture Dpt.
Belén Barona Architect | Architecture Dpt.
Irene Cócera
Mila Estrela Architect | Architecture Dpt.
Lola Ortells
Macarena Cárdenas Interior designer | Interior Design Dpt.
Ana Iváñez Interior designer | Interior Design Dpt.
Blanca Justamante Administrator | Administration Dpt.
Ana Mas Manager | Management Dpt.
Rosario Mas Designer | Design Dpt.
Patxo Grau
Laura Darós
Manu, Mario, Radu, Mario, Jorge, José, Javi, Adrián, Pedro