Our turnkey service
takes care of every last detail

Mas Millet Architects is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of interior designers and architects from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Our team includes professionals with extensive experience in project development, covering everything from more creative aspects to technical components. We also work with experts in construction and project management, ensuring that the quality standards and execution time are met for each project. Our aim is to create unique spaces designed exclusively for each client.

Thanks to this multidisciplinary team, Mas Millet Architects is fully equipped to tackle all phases of a project:

01. We draw up a brief with the client.

02. We conceptualise and develop the creative project.

03. We create the executive project.

04. We supervise and coordinate the construction work.

05. We oversee the entire project.

This expertise has allowed Mas Millet to specialise in offering a turnkey service to clients, who commission the studio to execute their projects in full for a fixed price and to a precise deadline, whether the focus is residential, office or commercial buildings. Clients work with a single contact person who oversees the process from start to finish, from drawing up the brief together to coordinating the different tradespeople, supervising and managing progress on the project, and even selecting artworks such as paintings and sculptures, or any other decorative elements such as textiles or kitchenware desired by the client.